Healthy and Sustainable Buildings

Enhancing the Health and Sustainability of Living Spaces

While maintaining the highest standard of occupancy experience is critical, it will no longer be enough. To be the leaders in light and sustainable construction, we will need to continue to innovate, ultimately creating carbon neutral solutions in the built environment without sacrificing occupancy experience. There are three main segments Healthy and Sustainable buildings is focused on to achieve this, low embodied carbon, alternative energy, and energy efficiency. 
Within low embodied carbon, we are specifically excited about alternative raw materials and production that can reduce the carbon footprint of materials in the built environment. This also includes the circular economy and the associated supply chain that goes along with it. 
Alternative energy is focused on reducing our homes dependency on the grid and fossil fuels. We are excited about different products that will help electrify and keep our homes at a comfortable temperature without emitting carbon. 
Lasty, energy efficiency in the built environment is focused on the building envelope and ensuring that the resources we put into the building are working as effectively as possible. 
If your start-up falls into one or more of these categories, we would be excited to talk with you!