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Unity Homes

Unity Home: Flexible off-site construction w/digital design​.

Unity Homes builds high-performance homes throughout the US Northeast. By precisely manufacturing building components in the controlled conditions of a shop and then assembling them rapidly on site, Unity is able to provide its clients with predictable quality, schedules, and costs. The resulting homes are comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient, with heating and cooling costs that are consistently low.

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Q-Bot: Robotics for improving on-site construction​.

Q-Bot develops smart tools, using robotics and AI, to construct, maintain and upgrade buildings. Their range of innovative technologies for the built environment includes a robotic underfloor insulation method, a ground-breaking digital twin solution, and a prototype robot applied wall insulation/render. 

They ensure that people have a cost-effective and non-disruptive way to make their homes warm, comfortable and energy-efficient, while at the same time bringing much-needed quality, accountability, and informed, data-based decisions to building management.   

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In Deco

In Deco: Efficient office renovation via digital design​.

InDeco provides one-stop solution platform in office decoration with software developed in-house to manage the entire supply chain to improve productivity of office renovation.

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INOVUES: Revitalizing windows for better buildings.

INOVUES transforms the windows and glass facades of buildings into high-performing systems that incorporate the latest energy-saving and smart glass technologies without replacement or reglazing. Their patented insulating glass retrofit technology offers building owners a cost-effective and non-disruptive solution to upgrade the windows to save up to 40% on energy consumption, improve occupant thermal and acoustic comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of the building.

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Okibo: Robotic solutions for wall finishing​.

Okibo is developing intelligent, mobile, autonomous robots for finishing work in construction sites. The company’s first product is a robot for wall and ceiling finishing (painting and plastering) that will be used to simplify and lower costs of handling high level finishing, and is an answer to workforce scarcity.

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Hyperframe: Snap-together steel framing.

Hyperframe is designing and manufacturing a new class of building components that can be installed without tools or training. Their first product is a metal wall framing system for commercial buildings, which can be installed up to 15 times faster and 20% cheaper than traditional materials.

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Factory_OS: Changing the Way We Build

Factory_OS is reducing the cost and time of multifamily housing production by up to 40 percent through the utilization of offsite factory construction.

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