We’re always on the lookout for cutting-edge startups who want to be connected to the knowledge and experience offered through Saint-Gobain’s family of companies. Here are some companies we’ve helped.

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Unity Homes

Unity Homes builds high-performance homes throughout the Northeast. By precisely manufacturing building components in the controlled conditions of a shop and then assembling them rapidly on site, Unity is able to provide its clients with predictable quality, schedules, and costs. The resulting homes are comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient, with heating and cooling costs that are consistently low.


HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any home into a fully measured, customizable 3-D model. Professional contractors use Hover to create detailed estimates and show homeowners what different materials and colors will look like on their houses.


Sweeten operates a platform that connects home- and small business owners who have renovation needs with architects, interior designers and general contractors.

Building Envelope Materials

BEM develops an energy retrofit system for commercial and residential buildings. BEM is working at Greentown Labs to create closed cell foams (materials and equipment) that can be sprayed into wall cavities with existing fiber glass insulation in order to improve R-values and provide a higher level of services for retrofit businesses. BEM is currently working on two platforms: the injection of closed cell foams for deep energy retrofit and expansion insulation board for new buildings.


frec|n|sys designs, fabricates and commercializes passive RF components based on elastic wave transducers and acoustic vibrations. frec|n|sys conceives and produces wireless physical sensors for harsh environments (high radiation, high pressure, high temperature, etc.).

Mon Maître Carré

Mon Maître Carré is an online platform that provides interior décor services to individuals and professionals enabling them to beautify their homes and spaces.


Qivivo, an energy management products and services provider, designs and develops software for computers, tablets and smartphones that enables remote boiler and electric heater thermostat control.

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