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Construction Productivity

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Unity Homes

Unity Home: Flexible off-site construction w/digital design​.

Unity Homes builds high-performance homes throughout the US Northeast. By precisely manufacturing building components in the controlled conditions of a shop and then assembling them rapidly on site, Unity is able to provide its clients with predictable quality, schedules, and costs. The resulting homes are comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient, with heating and cooling costs that are consistently low.

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Q-Bot: Robotics for improving on-site construction​.

Q-Bot develops smart tools, using robotics and AI, to construct, maintain and upgrade buildings. Their range of innovative technologies for the built environment includes a robotic underfloor insulation method, a ground-breaking digital twin solution, and a prototype robot applied wall insulation/render. 

They ensure that people have a cost-effective and non-disruptive way to make their homes warm, comfortable and energy-efficient, while at the same time bringing much-needed quality, accountability, and informed, data-based decisions to building management.   

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In Deco

In Deco: Efficient office renovation via digital design​.

InDeco provides one-stop solution platform in office decoration with software developed in-house to manage the entire supply chain to improve productivity of office renovation.

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INOVUES: Revitalizing windows for better buildings.

INOVUES transforms the windows and glass facades of buildings into high-performing systems that incorporate the latest energy-saving and smart glass technologies without replacement or reglazing. Their patented insulating glass retrofit technology offers building owners a cost-effective and non-disruptive solution to upgrade the windows to save up to 40% on energy consumption, improve occupant thermal and acoustic comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of the building.

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Okibo: Robotic solutions for wall finishing​.

Okibo is developing intelligent, mobile, autonomous robots for finishing work in construction sites. The company’s first product is a robot for wall and ceiling finishing (painting and plastering) that will be used to simplify and lower costs of handling high level finishing, and is an answer to workforce scarcity.

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Hyperframe: Snap-together steel framing.

Hyperframe is designing and manufacturing a new class of building components that can be installed without tools or training. Their first product is a metal wall framing system for commercial buildings, which can be installed up to 15 times faster and 20% cheaper than traditional materials.

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Factory_OS: Changing the Way We Build

Factory_OS is reducing the cost and time of multifamily housing production by up to 40 percent through the utilization of offsite factory construction.

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Building Performance


Omnex: Lightweight fire & weather resistant panels​.

Omnex is a company that specializes in the manufacture of lightweight carrier boards made from recycled glass. The right combination and composition results in panels with unique properties and advantages for wall and ceiling structures, both outside and inside in wet areas. Omnex panels contribute to a real added value in ease of use and time savings on construction sites.

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Cozynergy: Digital platform for energy retrofit​.

Cozynergy simplifies, carries out and certifies your energy renovation work. Their service makes it possible to simplify the client's procedures, carry out their work according to the rules of the art and certify them in order to guarantee them absolute peace of mind. And that, whatever their type of housing, their means, their needs, their knowledge in the field and their priorities in life.

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Crowd Comfort

Crowd Comfort: Improve well-being in office in office spaces​.

CrowdComfort is a mobile app that enables employees to report service requests in a matter of seconds with geolocation, text and photos.
Requests are instantaneously auto-routed to the right person, in the right place, with the right tools. The employee is kept in the loop automatically throughout the process as the request is managed and addressed.

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Homeys.io: IoT/SaaS for residential collective heating.

Homeys leverages data analytics to help individuals save on their energy bills through personalised and targeted advice. The startup covers all types of housing, from collective to individual and activates all levers of energy bill reduction and comfort control: 

  • Optimal setting of collective heating systems
  • Identification of energy renovation work opportunities 
  • Choice of the most suitable energy supplier

Homeys mission is to reduce real estate carbon footprint and fight against energy precariousness.

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Caala: Energy efficiency optimization for buildings​.

CAALA is the first plug-in for energetic, ecological and economical building optimization.

This startup support building designers in the design phase with real-time feedback on the environmental & economic building performance over the entire life cycle.

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Business Customer Experience


SWEETEN : Digital marketplace for home renovation​.

Sweeten operates a platform that connects home- and small business owners who have renovation needs with architects, interior designers and general contractors.

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GetNinja: Digital marketplace for home services​.

GetNinjas is the largest service contracting platform in Brazil. They connect professionals from all over Brazil with people requesting service, meeting all types of needs with quality, ease and speed.  GetNinja completed a successful IPO in Q2 2021.

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Vuxx: Last mile package delivery services for Industrial companies.

Vuxx is a Brazilian startup that Provides urban logistics platform intended to connect companies to cargo drivers. The company's platform offers instant ordering, vehicle allocation in minutes and real-time control, enabling companies to seamlessly carry fractional volumes of cargo to their customers.

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Life Science


Inkbit: AI & Computer vision driven, high-precision 3D printing.

Inkbit is a Developer of a multi-material jetting platform designed to make production-ready additive manufacturing systems. The company's platform integrates machine vision systems and artificial intelligence technologies to deliver high reliability, throughput, precision, and quality materials required for production parts.

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Advanced Materials


Ossia: Safe, wireless power delivery at distance​.

Ossia’s flagship technology is Cota Real Wireless Power, a patented, award-winning technology designed to deliver power over-the-air, without cables, charging pads, or line-of-sight.

Cota technology can deliver meaningful power to many devices at the same time, in motion, at a considerable distance, safely and efficiently.

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Maxterial: Protective coating (hard-chrome replacement).

Maxterial™ modifies the surface shape or texture of versatile materials, through a method that is very affordable and easy to introduce into the existing manufacturing process. The resulting microtextured materials dramatically reduce the contact area for the objects and droplets that contact the material surface.

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Transaera: New energy efficient AirCon approach.

Transaera is developing a new class of affordable, energy-efficient, sustainable cooling systems.​
Cooling is set to become the world’s single largest use of electricity in buildings by 2050. The majority of new demand will come from emerging economies with hot and humid climates and a growing middle-class.

As a result, air conditioning represents one of the largest risks to our climate. Residential use alone is set to account for an increase of more than 0.5 ⁰C in global surface temperature.

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Continuous Composite

Continuous Composite: 3D printing composites using continuous fibers.

Continuous Composite is a developer of Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D®) process combining high performance continuous fiber with rapid curing thermoset resins to enable affordable manufacturing of complex composite structure.

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Circular Economy


Eco Drop: Digital App for construction waste collection .

Ecodrop is the most practical, economical and eco-responsible solution for the site waste of building tradesmen.

The company was born from a simple observation: craftsmen see the management of their waste as a complex and expensive problem, and find it difficult to pass the cost of their treatment on to the quotes of their private customers. Too much of this waste therefore ends up in our forests, or along our roads. While this waste could be as much recycled material, and reintegrated into the production of new products, or transformed into energy.

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Ecomedes: Sustainability-focused procurement platform.

Ecomedes is a cloud-based software as a service platform that leverages product data for their clients. Their platform is designed to simplify product selection and to grow brand value, sales and market share.

The Ecomedes team has over 20 yrs of experience working on sustainability issues for a wide range of industry leaders. Collaborating with architects, engineers, designers, contractors and manufacturers has provided them with a deep understanding of how project teams select sustainable solutions for their projects.


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Tri’N’Collect: Recycling services for construction waste​.

Founded in 2019 in Nantes, Tri'n'Collect offers an innovative solution for sorting and collecting construction waste on site for better recycling and waste recovery.

This service facilitates the daily life of craftsmen (saving time, logistical comfort, less accident-prone worksites...) and accompanies construction and public works actors concerned with complying with regulations thanks to the sorting at source of 15 material flows.

Tri'n'Collect ensures perfect traceability by providing, at the end of the construction site, a certificate attesting to the recycling of 90% of the waste.

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CarbiCrete: Cement-free, carbon-negative concrete

Carbicrete, originating from Canada, has developed a patented technology: cement-free concrete blocks that capture carbon dioxide using industrial by-products and carbon dioxide. Cement is replaced with steel slag (or "slag"), a metallurgical by-product that serves as a binder in precast concrete products.

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Incubators & Accelerators

Our experienced network of incubators and accelerators provides startups with the resources they need to scale their businesses and achieve their goals.

Greentown Labs

As the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America, Greentown Labs brings together startups, corporates, investors, policymakers, and many others with a focus on scaling climate solutions. 

Greentown Labs is home to more than 100 startups and has supported nearly 300 startups since the incubator’s founding in 2011.


This year, we have signed a second partnership for their new location in Houston, Texas.


Cubo Itaú - the most relevant tech entrepreneurship hub in Latin America - was founded by Itaú Unibanco in partnership with Redpoint eVentures. Our goal, since 2015, is to connect in one place entrepreneurs, large corporations, investors and universities to discuss about technology, innovation, new business models, different ways of working and challenging the status quo, collaborating to building up a better world.


Impulse Lab

Impulse Labs is an ecosystem of startups and decision makers dedicated to the construction and real estate industries where entrepreneurs and corporations alike disrupt the way we design, construct and maintain the built environment.



Tus-Holdings is a large integrated enterprise responsible for developing, constructing, operating and managing TusPark. As the flagship product of Tus-Holdings, TusPark (Beijing) is currently the largest single university science park in the world with a building area of 770,000 square meters and more than 1,500 enterprises.

With more than two decades of development, Tus-Holdings has accumulated a wealth of experience in the development and operation of university science parks and established a high-caliber management team, actively promoting the organic interaction between innovative resources and the regional economy. It has successfully built up a nationwide innovation system with more than 300 incubators, science parks and science cities as the carrier, and its radial network covers more than 50 cities and regions.


Caohejing Hi-Tech Park

As one of China’s biggest business incubator, Shanghai Caohejing Hi-Tech Park Innovation Center has committed itself to cultivating and supporting technology-intensive enterprises and promoting commercialization, industrialization, and internationalization of scientific and technological achievements. The Innovation Center has been in operation for over 10 years. More than 430 technology-intensive enterprises specializing in IT, biotechnology, new materials, or OPTO-Mechatronics have graduated from the Innovation Center with a success rate amounts to 91.7%.



BuiltWorlds is the premier, global network enabling buildings & infrastructure professionals to learn about important trends and technology, share insights, and make strategic connections to adapt and succeed in a changing world.



Through our relationships with established venture capital partners, we’re able to connect startups with the financial support they need to drive their businesses to market.

ETF Partners

ETF Partners supports talented entrepreneurs and management teams with investment capital and experience. Its funds come from institutional investors, global corporations and family offices. ETF Partners creates value by investing in technology companies that make a difference – they call it “sustainability through innovation.”

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Navitas Capital

Navitas Capital is a venture capital firm with a unique focus on investing in technology for the built environment whose mission is to identify, invest in and help build the next generation of defining companies in its space.

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Phoenix Venture Partners

Phoenix Venture Partners (PVP) is the leading venture capital firm that invests in and partners with entrepreneurs to commercialize breakthrough materials science innovations. PVP’s team has a track record of founding, building and investing in successful materials science startups. The firm has two funds under management and has a unique investment strategy that is flexible and predicated on assisting entrepreneurs with customer and supply chain partnerships, business development as well as strategic and operational support. PVP collaborates with a select set of forward-looking global corporations on business development and innovation interests. PVP is based in Silicon Valley with satellite offices in Singapore and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Richard Capital

Richland Capital is a leading investment firm for emerging technology in China, focusing on investment in advanced materials, high-end manufacturing equipment, and digital technology.

Founded in 2011, Richland Capital is a first-line investment institution in industrial technology in China. With new materials as its main direction, it focuses not only on high-end equipment and digital technology, but also on pan-semiconductors, new energy vehicles, 5G, digital manufacturing, and other application markets. Since its establishment, Richland Capital has adhered to the strategy to drive investment with industry research and is good at discovering leading enterprises and hidden champions in the field of segmentation.

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