What is NOVA?

NOVA is the external ventures group of Saint‑Gobain, one of the world’s largest building materials companies and manufacturer of innovative material solutions that combines comfort and sustainability to enhance the well-being of people all over the world.


What is Saint-Gobain and what is its vision of innovation?

Saint-Gobain was founded in 1665 when King Louis XIV sought help to make his vision for the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles in Paris a reality. Since then, Saint-Gobain has played a vital role in building, improving and advancing the environments that have shaped human history.

As one of the world’s largest building materials companies and manufacturer of innovative material solutions, Saint-Gobain helps create great living spaces by combining comfort and sustainability to enhance the well-being of people all over the world.

Saint-Gobain continues its rich history of innovation by addressing the needs of today and challenges of tomorrow. The company is engaged in addressing climate change, delivering true sustainable development, advancing the information revolution, participating in medical breakthroughs and playing a vital role in space exploration.

Saint-Gobain is everywhere – in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and transportation. From building materials that reduce noise and air pollution, regulate daylight and temperature control and prevent the growth of mold to solutions that change the way certain cancers are treated or even components that allow NASA to seek out life on another planet, Saint-Gobain’s family of brands is proven to increase the health, wellness and productivity of the occupants – all while reducing impact on the environment.

How does NOVA work?

Is NOVA an incubator?

No. NOVA partners with incubators throughout the world, but is not an incubator.


Does NOVA provide direct investment?

While NOVA is not a traditional Corporate Venture Capital arm, it does directly invest in startups. We strive to identify the right partnership terms and structure for each individual deal.


What kind of partnerships are available?

Each partnership is unique, but generally partnerships can take various forms such as licensing, joint development, manufacturing or distribution agreements, joint venture, equity financing or any combination of these.

Is NOVA right for me?

​​​​​​What makes NOVA different?

We believe that everything we do – including our strategic partnerships – should strongly respect our core values: trust, focus, support, expertise and flexibility. Because we focus on a diverse mix of investment profiles, we are able to meet potential partners where they are and consider what they need. Each partnership needs to be a win-win relationship, whether we are working with a seed stage startup or a more established business.


What is the value in partnering with NOVA?

NOVA believes that each partnership must be in the best interest of all parties involved.

Innovators strongly value their partnership with NOVA and Saint-Gobain for:

  • Worldwide access to markets (customers and applications)
  • Industrial scale (expertise and resources)
  • Product development (technology and manufacturing know-how)

NOVA and Saint-Gobain value working with new innovators so we can:

  • Follow the development of emerging business markets
  • Accelerate the development of our projects through access to new technologies
  • Monitor the early stages of breakthrough technologies


My startup works in a very specific niche. Will NOVA be interested in partnering with me?

NOVA focuses on the following six areas of interests: 

  • Multi-Comfort
  • Sensors and Connected Objects
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Digital Customer Journey
  • Exoskeletons and Robotics


Visit our About page to learn more about each area and determine if your company is a fit, or contact us to learn more.


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