Digital Connectivity

Measuring and Optimizing Productivity and Processes

Increasingly we live in is getting interconnected world. The convergence of the physical & digital world has evolved into a hyperconnected world that transforms the way we live and interact with each other, with machines, our environment, enabling new innovations across industries.

Connected Mobility: Autonomous driving with 5G/LEO satellite connectivity will allow mobility assets to communicate with each other & with infrastructure to make transportation even faster, safer & sustainable. Autonomous tech Sensors (like ADAS, LiDAR, RADAR), Actuators, complex algorithms, machine learning, GPS systems & powerful processors are critical to make this happen.

Connectivity: Faster connectivity speeds, ultra-low latency, and greater bandwidth, can be achieved with use of next generation of communication technologies including cellular 5G/6G, Wi-Fi, fiber optics, & satellites connectivity.  

Edge Computing: The increase of IoT devices and AI/ML applications is producing a massive amount of data and requires high computing capacity at the edge powered by High-power efficiency and low latency. 

Industry 5.0: The data revolution and acceleration of Digital transformation has poised robots, intelligent machines, and the industrial internet of things to take over much of the boring, repetitive work and improve productivity output. 

Saint-Gobain is adopting digital transformation internally within its 1000 manufacturing plants and externally in Mobility & Construction markets. We are looking for innovative partners working on providing Digitial transformation technologies to improve productivity, sustainability & safety.