Construction Productivity

Boosting Construction Process Efficiency

The construction sector has seen one of the slowest increases in productivity among all industries. Over the last two decades, productivity in construction has only increased by around one percent annually, compared to the overall economy's 2.8 percent increase per year. This low productivity rate in construction has led to several challenges that are more important than ever to address:

  • Labor shortage and safety issues
  • The need for more buildings
  • Inefficiency of construction projects
  • Sustainability

At NOVA by Saint-Gobain, we understand the importance of improving construction productivity, especially given the challenges faced by the industry today. That's why we're committed to exploring solutions that can enhance the simplicity, efficiency, safety, and quality of the manufacturing and construction process.

Through our research, and with our internal and external partners, we've identified several promising areas of focus, including:

  • Job-site efficiency with tools and equipment enabling the automation of construction tasks, data capture and data visualization;
  • Off-site manufacturing and construction considering innovative processes, production methods, products, solutions etc.; and
  • Robotics both for on-site and off-site applications.

By embracing these technologies, we believe we can make a significant impact on the productivity and sustainability of the construction industry, while also improving safety and quality outcomes for all stakeholders involved.